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For years, the qualified contractors and specialists at Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies have been helping residential property owners keep their properties at a comfortable temperature, year-round!

We offer a range of services including residential HVAC services, air conditioner installation and repair, furnace installation and repair and more!



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Let Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies help you keep your home warm and comfortable!


Whether you are looking to invest in a new heating system, or simply want to repair a current system, you can count on the pros at  Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies to give you a quick, professional service! We serve both residential and commercial customers, and we service and install furnaces and boilers of all brands, shapes and sizes!


Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is crucial for your family's comfort and health. If you are tired of paying for oil, gas or regular electric baseboard heating, perhaps a furnace is a good option for your Indianapolis area home!

Today's furnaces are up to 33% more efficient than older models, and can provide an economic solution for your heating needs.

Aside from new furnace installation, we also provide furnace consultations and repairs.

Make sure to get the best advice so you can make the optimal decision. Trust the experts at Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies for all of your heating and furnace needs.



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Other Home Heating Solutions

In addition to furnaces, Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies offers a range of other heating solutions including:

  • Gas fireplaces
  • Electric Heaters
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Energy efficient baseboard heating

And more!

For all of these options we offer the best installation, consultation and repair services in , Indiana and the surrounding area!


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As the summer gets longer and warmer, more and more people are opting to cool their homes to have a comfortable place to get away from the heat. Whether you want to install your first air conditioning system, replace a broken system, or repair or maintain your current system, the experts at Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies have got you covered!

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Trust in our expert air conditioner installation

Whether you want individual units, or central air conditioning system, the Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies have got you covered! We sell and install all types and sizes of air conditioning systems. From forced air systems to ductless air conditioning systems, we have been providing professional and expert service in the Indianapolis area for over 25 years!

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Getting the most out of your air conditioning system is a matter of care and maintenance. When refrigerant levels are low, or coils or coated in dirt and debris, your system will tend to operate less efficiently, driving up your energy bills. Dirty ducts or filters can also cause the system to be pushing dirty contaminated air into your home, potentially causing a hazard for you and your family. 
Air conditioning systems, like most machines require regular maintenance. Once in a while they may even require a repair. The experts at Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies can help keep your system running optimally year after year!

Get the best services from our fully insured team. Ask about our 100% quality service guarantee.

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Only accept the best for your Indianapolis area home. Trust Discount Heating-Cooling Supplies for all your cooling and air conditioning needs!

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About Our Company

"Not ready to replace your equipment yet?" "Give us a call we can help!"

For over 20 years, we have provided new heating and air conditioning equipment, sales and service and have developed a reputation for supporting the Do-It-Yourself market in our local area.

Today's Discount Heating and Cooling Supply Co is here to keep service up and costs down. Our Service Call is $80 and includes the first half hour of labor. We can usually identify and inform you of the problem and give you an accurate quote, at that time.

In today's world of high pressure sales & equipment replacement, we keep your equipment working efficiently and longer! But, if you need or want new equipment, purchased or installed, we can do that too!


Our mission is a simple one:

  • We are here to give you access to the same equipment and supplies the professionals use everyday.
  • We will offer this equipment and supplies at the best possible price we can to anyone wishing to buy.
  • We will take whatever time it takes to help you work out any problems that you may have during the initial installation and throughout the life of your equipment at no charge or a very nominal charge.
  • Give you the best advice, training, and service help possible, and last but not least...
  • Always provide friendly, caring, informed service to you.


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